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What is the Sanakey


 Sanakey is the latest development in personal pain relief technology. The Sanakey provides easy operation and handling and more importantly -  fast results! Whether Sanakey is used for pain relief in acute or longer-term treatment of chronic complaints  - you'll quickly discover the wide range of applications of this device and appreciate the Sanakey results!  

How it works


 The sanakey uses  high amplitude, high density,bio-feedback controlled pulse stimulation  to cutaneous nerves, activating the body’s natural pain relieving and  self regulation mechanisms. 

Sanakey activates the self-healing powers by electric impulses, since it enters into direct dialogue with the body. 

The therapy pulses are individually adapted by the body( Active Bio Feedback).  This influences the vegetative nervous system and thus the body's adaptation and regulation processes. 

How Sanakey will help me



  • If you are in pain – then the Sanakey can help you. 
  • If you are in acute pain such as a recent injury, inflammation, recent surgery, headaches, etc. the Sanakey can help you.
  • If you are in chronic pain, the Sanakey can help you.
  • The Sanakey is  effective in reducing pain, reducing swelling and inflammation, and  reducing muscular spasm and as a result improved function, flexibility,  and accelerated healing time.
  • The effectiveness of using Sanakey for pain relief is substantial and lasts longer than other pain control methods.

Guidline for treatment options on android and IOS Apple app

Sanakey application android / IOS

High quality standards


 German Devices is known for High Quality standards 

Touch screen and full-color LCD screen. Micro-USB  charging. Removable and interchangeable electrode head 2-years Warranty

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